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My dream puppy!!!! Boo dog! De cutest dog in de world!

De 5 year old Pomeranian dog!!
Damn cute!!!!
Like a teddy bear!!!
Omg..I wanna buy it!!!:(
Nak tgok lagi puppy yg sgt comel ni???
come! look down babehh~

Dye dressup on Holloween! so cute syg!

Bile dye dibuli! hahahha~

Boo looking smart!! hahahaha!!

Dis picture mase dye nk pegi new york! wow!

Dis picture boo with buddy,boo brother! so sweet!

Hey guys! kt bwh ni mende2 fev dye..check it out! :D

Fevorite food boo : chiken! cheese! grass! flowers!
Fevorite games : suke main kejar ngn brother dye,buddy! 
Fevoirite kaler : pink!
Favorite TV Personality : Oprah!
Favorite Dog Bed : Doughnut!
Favorite Dog : Buddy his Brother!
Favorite Pastime : Crawling into various shelves around the house and hiding out!
Favorite Designer : Tory Burch!
Favorite pastime : Wearing Shirts (especially Chicago Cubs)
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Ok..that oll..kang lebih sume falling in love! hahahahaha


so..thanx sudi membace post2 lah kalau suke ok!